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Available Courses

  • The course will be approximately twelve hours of online instruction spread out over two weekend days. You will receive the STA Practitioner’s Level Course Notes that every STA student receives. We will also use Lee’s workbook, Learning Classical Horary Astrology. These two references together provide you with an unprecedented amount of material which, combined with Lee’s book, Martial Art of Horary Astrology, should move you well along in your horary studies, regardless of your current level.
  • This section contains information about Lee's correspondence courses, and how this teaching site works. There is also a sample lesson excerpt. This course is open to guests.
  • The basics of classical delineation: dignities, temperament, and how to meaningfully discuss happiness, financial planning, health, relationships and professional concerns over the life of the Native.
  • This is a guide to the plants referenced by classical astrological works, including information about how both ancient and modern sources have used these plants - traditionally and homeopathically. This work contains a glossary of medical botanical terms. The revised database by scientific name has been incorporated.
  • This is the horary course that takes advantage of Lee's book Martial Art of Horary Astrology as the basis to teach the logic of horary astrology and how to apply it. New Demonstration of Learning Format!
  • The basics of answering questions. Among the question types taught are relationships, legal, jobs, truth and rumors, real estate, and lost objects.

  • The Pre-Med covers an introduction to classical astrology in general,
    and interroragtory astrology in particular, the calculation of
    temperament types, and an introduction to surgery electional. These four lessons are from Classical Studies in Horary, Classical Studies in Electional, and Introductory Classical Astrology. This course is designed for those people who wish to get into medical directly, without studying the other disciplines first.
  • We begin with the major classical Mundane techniques: major conjunctions, eclipses, lunations, and ingresses. We then integrate them into a modern synthesis which includes locational astrology and charts for mundane entities such as countries.
  • We continue the study of mundane through studying:

    • Charts of Rulers vs. Charts of Countries.
    • Locational Astrology.
    • Wars, and other Human-caused Disasters.
  • We complete the mundane course with the following topics:

    • Natural Disasters.
    • When to Predict: A Comparison of Methods.
    • Where to Predict: A Comparison of Methods.
    • The Master Piece. The Mundane Project.

  • The problem of forecasting the weather has been a challenge of all societies, ancient and modern, that exist in climates where agricultural productivity varies considerably from year to year. Astrology was one of the tools that many societies used to approach this problem, whether through lunar observation, or later, the more sophisticated analysis which included the planets as well. Whether through the omens of the Babylonians, the natural philosophical concepts of Aristotle, the lunaria of the Middle Ages, the idea of understanding weather and weather prediction continued to engage many minds. In this course, our primary text is the 17th c. opus on the subject by John Goad - but his work was considerably enlightened by the earlier work of Kepler and others.

  • The purpose of this Course is to teach not only the concepts of contest or warfare astrology, but to teach the research methods you will need to know in order to optimize your own model. Students will be provided with the Super Bowl data in the Microsoft Access database as a starting point, along with several sports data set chart files.

This site is for Lee's ongoing publications and private courses.

Check here for Lee's main site.

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